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RACO Inc., a telecommunications and utilities construction company, was founded in 1975. A business plan that was initiated in Dallas F. Riddle’s small living room 28 years ago has grown to where annual revenues approximate $20 million.  Riddle, owner and president of RACO Inc., has utilized his skill and knowledge of all aspects of the business to lead the company in the direction that has maintained continual growth and progress.

To get to the heart of RACO Inc., one needs to look at the man behind the company.  Dallas F. Riddle is the man behind RACO Inc. Riddle’s unwavering commitment to quality has remained a top priority throughout his business career.  The three key business strategies that have garnered his host of repeat clientele quite simply are:  get the job done on time, get the job done on budget, and always exceed the customer’s quality expectations.  Riddle’s mottos that take equal merit are “Do a quality job at a fair price” ,  “Live up to your word”, "always make your supervisor Look Good", and strive to maintain a "Can Do" attitude.

To get to the heart of Dallas Riddle you are immediately directed to his love of God, family (wife Mary Lee, daughter Sandra, and son-in-law Danny), and his life’s work, RACO Inc.  Riddle’s family plays a very active role in the business and continues to help perpetuate the fundamental ideals as set forth by Riddle and his devoted employees.

Now, take a look at the company behind the man.  RACO Inc. is based in Gretna, a small town in the south-central section of the state of Virginia.  Currently, licensed in eight (8) southeastern states, the company performs telecommunications and utilities construction for major telecommunications companies such as Alltel Communications, Verizon, Adelphia, Atlantic Telephone and countless others (many of whom have been customers of RACO Inc. since 1975).  It serves CATV companies, water/sewer authorities, and towns/cities.  RACO Inc. provides bonding capability and is an ESOP company.  The company operates with a full staff of qualified and experienced project managers, supervisors, and foremen.  Approximately sixty (60) percent of the construction staff has been with RACO from 14-20 years. 

The driving force behind RACO Inc. can best be personified in Dallas F. Riddle, a man with an unobstructed vision of the future, a goal in his mind, and the will and determination to achieve his goal with the assistance of God, family, and an unbeatable workforce.  This Korean War Veteran has believed in the American Way and to many he is The American Success Story come to life.