Lighted Fiber Optics                   







All individuals may be contacted at 434-656-6676 or 800-709-6690
                                                      Fax 434-656-6678

Dallas F. Riddle
President and CEO
Founded RACO 1975
Korean War Veteran
    Charley Jones
Chief Financial Officer
U.S. Army Reserve Veteran
20+ years experience in industrial & commercial "financial management"





    Ben Breland
Director of Safety
3+ years with RACO
35+ years experience in the field of safety
Has served as Safety Officer for the US Navy Public Works Center,
    District Safety Officer for the U.S. Coast Guard, and
    Regional Safety Manager for a large elevator company
    Danny Riddle
Assistant Director of Safety
2+ years with RACO
Worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years


    Gene R. Waller
Vice President
Chief of Outside Plant Operations
17+ years with RACO
Has served as foreman, supervisor, and Division Manager

    Filmore York
Executive Vice President
Division III Manager (Western North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia)
25-year veteran of a telephone company in North Carolina
6+ years with RACO
Extensive experience in the telephone communications/construction industry
U.S. Marine veteran with one year in Vietnam
    Gene Henderson
Division I Manager (Virginia Area)
20+ years of supervisory experience
Very knowledgeable in cable construction industry

    Randy Babson
Division II Manager/Supervisor (Eastern North Carolina)
16+ years with RACO
    Fred Windell
Division Manager for Directional Boring
20+ Years Experience in the Telephone/Communications Construction Industry
Has been employed with RACO for 4 years

    Kris G. Penland
Division V Manager
20+ years experience in outside plant construction
Extensive experience in negotiating contracts with new customers
Extensive experience in recruitment, selection, training & supervision